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Paradise Biryani SR Nagar: A Unique Flavored Taste for Biryani

Paradise Biryani SR Nagar
Paradise Biryani SR Nagar

Paradise Biryani, a legendary name since 1953, has been delighting food enthusiasts with its delectable offerings. Located in the heart of Ameerpet, specifically at 7-1-399/A, Paradise Biryani SR Nagar Metro Station Road, this restaurant is a haven for biryani lovers. Let’s explore what makes this place a must-visit.

Convenience and Accessibility: Paradise Biryani SR Nagar

The strategic location of Paradise Biryani SR Nagar ensures easy accessibility for diners. Situated beside PS, Sanjeeva Reddy Nagar, it’s a stone’s throw away from the bustling streets of Ameerpet. Whether you’re a local resident or a visitor, finding your way to this culinary gem is a breeze.

  • Address: 7-1-399/A, S.R. Nagar Main Road, Ameerpet, Hyderabad, Telangana 500038
  • Phone: 090142 06750

Customer Ratings and Reviews

With over 1,200 reviews and an impressive 4.2-star rating, Paradise Biryani has won the hearts of foodies. Patrons appreciate the following aspects:

  • Proper Packaging: Whether you dine in or opt for takeaway, the packaging ensures that your food arrives intact and fresh.
  • Excellent Taste: The biryani, kebabs, and other dishes consistently receive praise for their rich flavors.
  • Generous Portions: Paradise Biryani doesn’t skimp on serving sizes, leaving diners satisfied and content.

Top Picks

When it comes to food, Paradise Biryani doesn’t disappoint. Here are a few standout choices that ensure patrons return for another visit:

  • Biryani: Of course, the star of the show! The fragrant rice, succulent meat, and aromatic spices create a symphony of flavors.
  • Kebabs: Grilled to perfection, the kebabs here are a treat for your taste buds.
  • North Indian Delicacies: From rich curries to fluffy rotis, the North Indian offerings are a delightful addition to the menu.
  • Rolls: Quick bites that pack a punch – perfect for a snack or a light meal.
  • Indulge in their irresistible desserts to complete your meal on a sweet and satisfying note.

Hygiene and Cleanliness Standards: Paradise Biryani SR Nagar

When it comes to hygiene and cleanliness standards, Paradise Biryani leaves no room for compromise. Their well-sanitized kitchen ensures that every dish is prepared with utmost care. Whether you dine in or opt for takeaway, rest assured that cleanliness is a priority. The commitment to maintaining a pristine environment contributes to the overall dining experience, ensuring that patrons can savor their meals without any concerns.

So, if you’re seeking a culinary experience that combines tradition, taste, and hygiene, Paradise Biryani in S.R. Nagar is the place to be!

In the heart of S.R. Nagar, Paradise Biryani beckons food lovers to savor its flavors. Whether you’re craving biryani, kebabs, or a wholesome North Indian meal, this legendary eatery promises an unforgettable dining experience. Visit Paradise Biryani and indulge in a culinary journey that spans decades!

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