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Choose Top PG Hostels in Madhapur: For Your Better Stay 

Are you looking for cozy and easy accommodation in Madhapur? Check out the wide array of PG hostels in Madhapur. In one of the city’s most populated neighborhoods, they offer the perfect mix of amenities, affordability, and communal living. If you’re a student professional working in the field or a frequent traveling enthusiast, finding the right hostel in Madhapur will ensure a smooth and easy experience. With well-furnished accommodation and an array of modern amenities, they cater to the varied needs of locals, offering a comfortable home away from home within the heart of the city. Explore the various options and discover why a hostel in Madhapur is ideal for your lodging needs.

Zolo Lotus A Co-Living Space PG Hostels In Madhapur

Zolo Lotus - Paying Guest (PG) in Madhapur
Zolo Lotus – Paying Guest (PG) in Madhapur

It professionally run PG house situated in the thriving neighborhood in Madhapur, Hyderabad. No matter if you’re a student, or working professional, Zolo Lotus offers a comfortable and stress-free stay .

Accessibility and Location

  • Location: Ayyappa Society, Siddhi Vinayak Nagar, Madhapur, Hyderabad, Telangana 500081
  • Phone: 088801 08010

Zolo Lotus is in a safe area, making it a great place to the workplace and leisure. It is close to major educational and commercial hubs making it easy to get around.


The PG serves well-balanced and balanced meals that cater to a variety of dietary requirements. There’s no need to fret about cooking, or finding nearby eateries.


  • Television: You can enjoy entertainment during your free time.
  • Power Backup: No interruptions during power outages.
  • Wi-Fi Connect with high speed internet.
  • Housekeeping entails consistent cleaning to maintain a neat living environment.
  • 24 hours a day security: Safety is top of the line.

Review and Reviews

Zolo Lotus has received positive reviews from customers who appreciate its facilities, cleanliness, and the friendly staff.

Price Range

The PG provides double, single and triple occupancy options.


Zolo Lotus ensures a secure environment by providing security around the clock.

No matter if you’re a newcomer to the city or searching for a comfortable and easy living experience, Zolo Lotus in Madhapur is a fantastic option!

New Posh Place Women’s Hostel


New Posh Place Women’s Hostel is a established and trusted option for PG Hostels In Madhapur for women living in the bustling region in Madhapur, Hyderabad. No matter if you’re a college student, an employee or just looking for a safe and comfortable space in which to rest, New Posh Place is a comfortable space.

Accessibility and Location

  • Address: Plot- 39, 1-98/9/3/48, Image Gardens Function Hall Road, Madhapur, Hyderabad, Telangana 500081
  • Phone: 091600 77776

New Posh Place is conveniently situated in Madhapur which makes it easy to get to the major IT hubs as well as educational institutions and entertainment venues. The hostel is close to Image Gardens Function Hall, making it easy to access public transportation as well as other facilities.


  • NewPoshPlace is a place to eat healthy and clean dishes for its residents.
  • The menu offers a range of choices that cater to different food preferences.
  • The regular meal times are adhered to so that residents can enjoy satisfaction with their dining experience.


  • Large Spaces Rooms that are well-furnished with comfy bed, tables for studying along with storage.
  • Common Spaces: Relax in the common lounge or chat with fellow residents.
  • 24-hour Security NewPoshPlace puts safety first with security staff that are available 24/7.
  • Wi-Fi Keep connected using high-speed Internet.
  • Laundry services provided on-site to assist in saving time.
  • Housekeeping Cleaning and maintaining the common spaces as well as rooms.

reviews and ratings

  • NewPoshPlace has received a positive review from its customers.
  • The welcoming staff, cleanliness, and overall atmosphere are a big hit.
  • The residents feel secure and taken to during their stay.

Price range

  • The hostel has a range of accommodations options, such as shared and single rooms.
  • The prices are reasonable and differ according to the type of room and the amenities.
  • Contact NewPoshPlace directly to inquire about price details.


  • NewPoshPlace places a premium on security and safety.
  • Control measures for access along with CCTV monitoring are currently in use.
  • Residents can be confident in their overall health.

If you’re a student an employee or someone who is new in the metropolis, NewPoshPlace Women’s Hostel in Madhapur offers a cozy and safe living space for PG Hostels In Madhapur. Contact them using the number to find out more or to reserve your room.

Sri Harsha Men’s PG: PG Hostels In Madhapur

Sri Harsha Mens PG, Madhapur
Sri Harsha Mens PG, Madhapur

It is an established accommodation choice for males in the thriving neighborhood located in Madhapur, Hyderabad. Sri Harsha PG offers a cozy and comfortable stay whether you’re a student an employee or just a visitor in the metropolis.

Accessibility and Location

Address Address: Road No. 17, Signum Market, SBH Officers Colony, Mega Hills, Madhapur, Hyderabad, Telangana 500081

Sri Harsha Men’s PG is strategically located close to major IT hubs, such as HITEC City and Gachibowli. The proximity of these centers of employment is an ideal location for those working in the tech sector. The area is well connected by public transportation, including buses as well as trains. Hitech City Metro station.


The PG provides healthy and hygienic meals to its residents. There are a variety of choices, including South Indian, North Indian and Andhra food. The dining room is spacious and clean and well-maintained.


  • rooms: Rooms: PG offers triple, single, double and four-sharing rooms. Each room is tastefully furnished and comes with all the necessary amenities.
  • Health: The Sri Harsha PG adheres to strict hygiene standards that ensure a clean and safe environment for everyone who lives there.
  • entertainment: The most common areas are an entertainment room for you to unwind and unwind.
  • Security This PG includes biometric authentication as well as CCTV surveillance for extra security.

Review and Reviews

Sri Harsha Men’s PG has received positive feedback from the residents. The staff is friendly in the PG, its convenient location, and spacious living spaces. It is recommended to look up websites for more in-depth reviews and scores.


The cost varies depending on the room type (single or double.) and the amenities offered. and amenities provided. PG directly to get accurate price details.


Security is an important factor at Sri Harsha the PG. With secured access control and attentive staff, residents are able to be at ease while they are there.

Sri Harsha Men’s PG in Madhapur is a good option for PG Hostels In Madhapur if you’re a student, professional or seeking a comfortable and easy lodging experience. Visit their website, or contact them for more details and availability.

Indraprastha both for women and men PG: PG Hostels In Madhapur

Indraprastha men & women pg
Indraprastha men & women pg

It is an established and reliable guest house located in the bustling city in Madhapur, Hyderabad. If you’re a student an employee or just a person who is new to Hyderabad Indraprastha Men & Women PG is a relaxing and comfortable stay.

Accessibility and Location

  • Address: Metro Pillar 1718 Lane, Opposite UR Cars, Kavuri Hills Phase 3, Sri Rama Colony, Madhapur, Telangana 500081
  • Phone: 096664 62990

The PG is located strategically in Madhapur which makes it easy to get to major IT hubs, educational institutions as well as entertainment venues. The location is well-connected via public transport, which makes commutes easy.


The PG offers food in the house and ensures that residents get healthy and clean meals.

There are vegetarian and non-vegetarian alternatives. are offered.


  • Power Backup: There’s no need to worry about interruptions to electricity.
  • WiFi: Connect using high-speed internet.
  • TV: A common place to watch entertainment.
  • Park Relax and unwind in the park next to you.

Review and Reviews

  • The Overall Score: 4.0/5
  • Locality: 4.5/5
  • Staff Behaviour: 5.0/5
  • Food: 5.0/5
  • Cleanliness: 5.0/5
  • Wi-Fi Speed: 5.0/5


Get in touch with the PG directly for more specific price information as prices can vary based on the type of room (single double, double, etc.).) and the amenities provided.


  • The PG adheres to safety guidelines and gate closing times.
  • Visitors are welcome during specific times.
  • Food items that are not vegetarians are allowed.

You may be a student, an employee or who is looking to enjoy a relaxing holiday within Madhapur, Indraprastha Men & Women PG is a fantastic option. The amenities, the good location, and glowing reviews make it an excellent choice for accommodation.

The Maruthi PG Men’s Hotel – PG Hostels in Madhapur

Maruthi Men's PG Hostel
Maruthi Men’s PG Hostel

Maruthi Men’s PG Hostel an accommodation that is professionally managed for men living in Madhapur the city’s bustling region. If you’re a student or working professional or who is new to Hyderabad the PG provides a secure and convenient location to stay.

Accessibility and Location

Address Location: Lot No 812 on Road No. 47, near YSR Statue, Ayyappa Society, Mega Hills, Madhapur, Hyderabad, Telangana 500081

Contact Number Contact Number: 081210 09488

The Maruthi Men’s Hostel is located in a secure area, which makes it an ideal option for those who live there. It’s located near major educational and commercial hubs making it easy to access places of study or work.


The PG offers food choices for residents. Both non-vegetarian and vegetarian food choices are available.


  • TV: Watch your favorite shows during your time off.
  • Power Backup: There’s no need to worry about electricity disruptions.
  • WiFi: Connect via high-speed internet.
  • Different types of occupancy: Select from double, single or triple rooms.
  • Parking: Parking facilities that are convenient are readily available.

Review and Reviews

At present, no evaluations or reviews are currently available currently for Maruthi Male PG Hostel. However, you may reach the owner directly for any latest feedback.

Price range

The cost of a bed starts at Rs6,500 and goes up.


  • In a secure neighborhood.
  • Professionally managed to give you tranquility.
  • Well-maintained premises.

No matter if you’re seeking an overnight stay or a longer-term arrangement, Maruthi’s PG Hostel provides comfort, convenience and security. You can contact the proprietor Mr. Ashok Reddy, for more information or to reserve your room.

Make sure you explore the area and look at nearby amenities prior to making a decision. Enjoy your house hunting

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