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Expert Root Canal Treatment In Vizag : Dolphin Dental Clinic

Dolphin Dental Clinic located in Vizag provides advanced root canal treatment using modern equipment and a skilled team of doctors. Specializing in root canal treatment in Vizag, they combine advanced techniques with affordable pricing, ensuring optimal dental care for all. Experience top-tier care and precision procedures at Dolphin Dental Clinic, your destination for quality dental solutions at a low price point.”

Location For Root Canal Treatment In Vizag

Dolphin Dental Clinic Offers easy accessibility for residents and visitors alike. Located in a prime area, reaching the clinic is hassle-free.

Address: 2-30-17, Sector 7, MVP Colony, Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh 530017


Open10 AM To 9 PM

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Root Canal Treatment In Vizag

Call : 089127 07702, 80743 46836

Some Of Google Reviews Feed Back :

Gouse Basha Sk : “I received excellent root canal treatment at Dolphin Dental Clinic in Vizag by Dr. Srikanth. His expertise and care were evident throughout the procedure. The clinic provided a comfortable environment with nominal fees Highly recommended for quality dental care in Visakhapatnam.”

Ravi Krishna : Dr. Srikanth is very Genuine and does not charge more if you are visiting from abroad. Me and my wife were visiting from USA and went there to be treated and he gave very genuine advice, and he charged us a very low price compared to any other place we inquired before a family member recommended Dr. Srikanth @ Dolphin Dental Clinic MVP Colony.

Dr. Srikanth – You are truly the best I have ever seen in the dentists or even doctors I visited. THANK YOU!

We will come visit you for a check up on our trip next time.

Akshay Giram : “I recently visited Dolphin Dental Clinic in Vizag and had a great experience. Dr. Shrikant provided excellent treatment for my dental issues. The staff was friendly and professional, and the clinic was clean and well-maintained. I highly recommend Dolphin Dental Clinic for anyone in need of dental care.”

What is Root Canal?

“A root canal is a treatment designed to repair and save a tooth that is significantly compromised or afflicted by infection. During this procedure, the infected pulp inside the tooth is removed, and the inside of the tooth is cleaned and disinfected. Afterward, the tooth is filled and sealed to prevent further infection. Root canals are essential for preserving natural teeth and relieving pain caused by infection, ultimately restoring dental health and function.”

root canal treatment in Vizag
root canal treatment in Vizag

Why Root Canal Is Necessary ?

“Root canal treatment is essential for saving a tooth that is badly decayed or infected, providing relief from discomfort, preventing the spread of infection, and maintaining the tooth’s original form.”

What is the Root Canal Procedure ?

here’s a point-wise Explanation of the root canal procedure:

Diagnosis: The dentist examines the tooth and takes X-rays to determine the extent of damage and infection.

Anesthesia: Local anesthesia is administered to numb the tooth and surrounding area, ensuring a pain-free experience.

Access: The dentist creates a small opening in the crown of the tooth to access the pulp chamber and root canals.

Cleaning: Specialized tools are used to remove the infected or damaged pulp tissue from inside the tooth and root canals.

Shaping: The dentist shapes the canals to prepare them for filling, ensuring they are free from any debris or bacteria.

Disinfection: The canals are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected to eliminate any remaining bacteria or infection.

Filling: Once the canals have been meticulously cleaned and shaped, they are filled with a biocompatible material, typically gutta-percha, to seal them and prevent the possibility of future infection.

Sealing: The access opening in the tooth is sealed with a temporary or permanent filling to protect the tooth from recontamination.

Restoration: In some cases, a crown or other restoration may be placed on the tooth to strengthen it and restore its appearance and function.

Follow-up: The patient may need to schedule a follow-up appointment to ensure the tooth has healed properly and to monitor its condition.

This procedure aims to save the natural tooth, alleviate pain, and restore oral health and function.

In what Case Root Canal is suggested ?

Root Canal Treatment In Vizag

Root canal treatment is typically recommended in the following cases:

Severe Tooth Pain: Persistent or severe tooth pain, especially when chewing or applying pressure, can indicate infection or damage to the tooth pulp.

Sensitivity to Hot or Cold: Increased sensitivity to hot or cold temperatures, even after the stimulus is removed, may signal an issue with the tooth pulp.

Swelling or Tenderness: Swelling or tenderness in the gums near a specific tooth may indicate an infection or abscess.

Deep Decay: Extensive tooth decay that has reached the pulp chamber can cause infection and necessitate root canal therapy.

Trauma or Injury: A traumatic injury to the tooth, such as a crack or fracture, can damage the pulp and require root canal treatment to save the tooth.

Darkening of the Tooth: Discoloration or darkening of a tooth may indicate that the pulp is damaged or dying.

Prolonged Sensitivity: Prolonged sensitivity to touch or pressure on a specific tooth, even after the removal of the stimulus, may indicate underlying pulp damage.

Abscess Formation: Formation of a pus-filled pocket (abscess) at the tip of the tooth’s root, accompanied by pain and swelling, often indicates an infected pulp requiring root canal therapy.

In these situations, root canal treatment can help save the natural tooth, alleviate pain, and prevent further spread of infection. It’s essential to consult with a dentist if you experience any of these symptoms to determine the appropriate treatment.

In conclusion

If you’re experiencing any of the symptoms mentioned above, it’s crucial not to delay seeking dental care. Root canal treatment in Vizag at Dolphin Dental Clinic offers advanced solutions to save your natural teeth, alleviate discomfort, and restore your oral health. Put an end to tooth discomfort or sensitivity disrupting your daily life. Take the first step towards relief and book your appointment with Dolphin Dental Clinic today. Your smile deserves expert care and attention.

root canal vizag
root canal vizag

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