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Analyzing AP Exit Polls and Projections Andhra Pradesh Election 2024

The Andhra Pradesh (AP) election of 2024 has garnered significant attention as political alliances and rivalries shape the future of the state.The AP exit polls, conducted by various organizations, provide a glimpse into the possible outcomes of this high-stakes election. This election cycle, the major players include the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) comprising Janasena, BJP, and TDP, and the Yuvajana Sramika Rythu Congress Party (YSRCP). Here, we analyze the ap exit poll data from multiple sources to understand the political landscape better.

Key Political Alliances and Parties

NDA (Janasena, BJP, TDP):

A formidable coalition aiming to challenge the incumbent government.


Led by Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy, the current Chief Minister.


Other parties including the Congress, which have a minor role according to the ap exit polls.

AP Exit Polls Predictions

Different ap exit polls have projected varied outcomes for the AP elections. Here’s a detailed look at the data provided by several major exit polls:

1. Jan Ki Baat

  • BJP: 2-3 seats
  • TDP (NDA): 10-14 seats
  • YSRCP: 8-13 seats


  • NDA: 19-22 seats
  • YSRCP: 5-8 seats

3. News18 Mega Exit Poll

  • NDA: 19-22 seats
  • YSRCP: 5-8 seats

4. ABP-Cvoter

  • NDA: 21-25 seats
  • YSRCP: 0-4 seats

5. India Today-Axis My India

  • NDA: 21-23 seats
  • YSRCP: 2-4 seats
  • INDIA Bloc: Zero seats

6. Today’s Chanakya

  • TDP (NDA): 22 ± 3 seats
  • YSRCP: 3 ± 3 seats
  • Congress/Other Parties: 0 seats

7. India News D-Dynamics

  • NDA: 18 seats
  • YSRCP: 7 seats
  • INDIA Bloc: 0 seats
AP Exit Polls
AP Exit Polls

Analysis of the AP Exit Polls

The exit polls indicate a significant shift in the political dynamics of Andhra Pradesh. Here’s a deeper analysis of the projections:

NDA’s Strong Performance

  • Across the board, the exit polls suggest a strong performance by the NDA. The alliance, which includes Janasena, BJP, and TDP, is expected to secure a substantial number of seats:
  • Jan Ki Baat and PMARQ both show the NDA winning a combined 19-22 seats.
  • News18 Mega Exit Poll and ABP-Cvoter indicate a slightly higher range, with ABP-Cvoter projecting up to 25 seats.
  • India Today-Axis My India and Today’s Chanakya also reflect a robust performance, predicting the NDA to win between 21-23 and 22 ± 3 seats respectively.
  • India News D-Dynamics gives a slightly lower estimate of 18 seats for the NDA.

YSRCP’s Decline

The YSRCP, currently in power, appears to be facing a decline in its seat count based on the exit polls:

  • Jan Ki Baat projects 8-13 seats for the YSRCP.
  • PMARQ and News18 Mega Exit Poll both suggest a reduced tally of 5-8 seats.
  • ABP-Cvoter presents a more drastic scenario, predicting only 0-4 seats for the YSRCP.
  • India Today-Axis My India offers a range of 2-4 seats, indicating a significant drop.
  • Today’s Chanakya predicts a narrow range with 3 ± 3 seats.
  • India News D-Dynamics projects 7 seats, slightly higher than some other polls.

INDIA Bloc’s Minimal Impact

The INDIA Bloc, including Congress and other minor parties, seems to have minimal influence according to the exit polls:

  • India Today-Axis My India and India News D-Dynamics both project zero seats for the INDIA Bloc.
  • Today’s Chanakya similarly indicates no seats for Congress or other minor parties.


The exit polls for the Andhra Pradesh 2024 elections suggest a strong performance by the NDA, potentially unseating the incumbent YSRCP. The combined strength of Janasena, BJP, and TDP under the NDA umbrella appears poised to make significant gains, while the YSRCP is predicted to experience a substantial reduction in its seat count. These projections, while indicative, are not final and the actual results may vary when the votes are officially counted. Nonetheless, the exit polls provide a snapshot of the current political sentiment in Andhra Pradesh, hinting at a potential shift in power and the emergence of a new political landscape in the state.

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