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Burma Burma Restaurant Hyderabad :Taste the Vibrant of Myanmar

Welcome to Burma Burma Restaurant Hyderabad, nestled in Cyber Hub. Experience authentic Burmese cuisine that transports you to the vibrant streets of Myanmar. Whether you’re a local foodie or a visitor, indulge in the exotic tastes of Burma with us. Join us for a memorable meal celebrating Burmese culture and cuisine.

Ambience and Hospitality of Burma Burma Restaurant Hyderabad

At Burma Burma Restaurant, Hyderabad, enjoy a blend of traditional Burmese charm and modern elegance. The warm decor with intricate art and handcrafted furnishings creates a cozy atmosphere. Our attentive, friendly staff ensures an exceptional dining experience, making every guest feel welcomed and cherished

Location Accessibility for Burma Burma Restaurant Hyderabad

Burma Burma Restaurant in Hyderabad is conveniently located in Cyber Hub, near the iconic Inorbit Mall. Just a short drive from HITEC City, it’s easily accessible for both locals and visitors. With ample parking and excellent public transport connections, reaching Burma Burma is hassle-free.

Burma Burma Restaurant & Tea Room

Located in: Salarpuria Knowledge City, Parcel 4

Address: Gate no. 3, Ground floor, Salarpuria Sattva Knowledge City, Hitech City, Durgam Cheruvu Rd, near Gate No. 3, Silpa Gram Craft Village, Hyderabad, Telangana 500081

Hours: Closes soon ⋅ 3:30 pm ⋅ Reopens 6:30 pm

Confirmed by others 4 weeks ago

Phone: 099202 40500

Menu: burmaburma.in

Must-Try Items

Samusa Soup

A hearty soup featuring samosas, lentils, and a blend of aromatic spices.

Tea Leaf Salad (Laphet Thoke)

A traditional Burmese salad with fermented tea leaves, nuts, seeds, and fresh vegetables.


The national dish of Myanmar, a savory fish noodle soup with a rich, flavorful broth.

Burmese Khao Suey

A creamy coconut milk-based curry served with noodles and an assortment of condiments.

Tofu Bagan

Stir-fried tofu cooked with a mix of authentic Burmese spices and fresh vegetables.

Shan Tofu Noodles

Rice noodles topped with a tangy and spicy chickpea tofu sauce.

Pumpkin and Basil Stew

A comforting stew made with tender pumpkin and fragrant basil.

Oh No Khauk Swe

A coconut chicken noodle soup garnished with a variety of flavorful toppings.

Burmese Falooda

A delightful dessert drink made with rose syrup, vermicelli, and basil seeds.

Dessert Platter

A selection of traditional Burmese sweets and treats, perfect for sharing.

Indulge in these must-try dishes that capture the essence of Burmese cuisine at Burma Burma Restaurant, Hyderabad!

Burma Burma Menu

Discover Burma Burma Restaurant & Tea Room’s authentic Burmese menu, offering classics like Mohinga and Khao Suey alongside inventive dishes such as Tofu Bagan and Shan Tofu Noodles. Immerse yourself in Myanmar’s flavors and cultural heritage in our serene setting, prepared with traditional ingredients and techniques for a memorable dining experience.

Customer Reviews and Ratings,Hyderabad


★★★★★(4.5/5 stars)

Review Highlights:

Excellent Authentic Cuisine:

“The food at Burma Burma is simply amazing! The flavors are authentic, and every dish is a delightful experience. The Tea Leaf Salad and Khao Suey are must-tries!” – ★★★★★

Warm and Inviting Ambiance:

“The ambiance at Burma Burma is cozy and elegant, with beautiful Burmese decor. It’s a perfect place for a relaxed meal with friends or family.” – ★★★★★

Outstanding Service:

“The staff at Burma Burma are incredibly attentive and friendly. They make sure you have a great dining experience from start to finish.” – ★★★★★

Unique and Flavorful Dishes:

“I loved the variety of unique dishes available. The Samusa Soup and Mohinga were my favorites. Definitely coming back for more!” – ★★★★☆

Great Location:

“Located in Cyber Hub, it’s very convenient to get to. The proximity to Inorbit Mall is a plus, making it easy to combine shopping with a delicious meal.” – ★★★★☆


As a vegetarian, I was delighted by the extensive variety of dishes available.” The Tofu Bagan and Shan Tofu Noodles were fantastic.” – ★★★★★

Refreshing Desserts:

“The Burmese Falooda offers a refreshing end to your dining experience.”. Loved the dessert platter too!” – ★★★★☆

Overall Experience:

“A great place to explore Burmese cuisine. The ambiance, food, and service are top-notch. Highly recommend visiting Burma Burma in Hyderabad!” – ★★★★★

Average Rating Breakdown:

Food Quality: ★★★★★

Ambiance: ★★★★★

Service: ★★★★★

Value for Money: ★★★★☆

Location Convenience: ★★★★★

Overall, customers have consistently praised Burma Burma Restaurant in Hyderabad for its authentic flavors, inviting ambiance, excellent service, and convenient location.

Disclaimer: These reviews and ratings are sourced from the web as of today, June 22, 2024, and may be subject to change.

“Exploring Burma Burma Restaurant: Snapshots from Hyderabad”

Here are some snapshots capturing the ambiance and dishes at Burma Burma Restaurant in Hyderabad.

“The images are credited to and copyrighted by Burma Burma Restaurant Hyderabad.”

Conclusion For Burma Burma Restaurant Hyderabad

Experience Burma at Burma Burma Restaurant Hyderabad with authentic cuisine, warm hospitality, and a welcoming ambiance. Whether you’re savoring classics like Mohinga and Khao Suey or exploring innovative dishes like Tofu Bagan and Shan Tofu Noodles, each bite reflects Myanmar’s rich culinary heritage. Join us for a memorable dining journey through Burma’s flavors and culture.

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