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Pista House Gachibowli : Unique Taste of Hyderabadi Excellence

Pista House Gachibowli offers a unique dining experience, blending the rich traditions of Hyderabadi cuisine with modern culinary artistry. Located in the vibrant area of Gachibowli, we are renowned for our signature haleem, exquisite biryanis, and delectable sweets. Each dish is crafted with the finest ingredients, promising an authentic taste of Hyderabad. Visit Pista House Gachibowli and savor the flavors that make us a beloved culinary destination.

Ease and Accessibility – Pista House Gachibowli

Pista House Gachibowli brings the authentic flavors of Hyderabadi cuisine to the heart of Gachibowli. Famous for its signature haleem, delectable biryanis, and irresistible sweets, Pista House Gachibowli guarantees a delightful culinary experience with every visit.

 Pista House Gachibowli

Address: Telecom Nagar Extension, Old Mumbai Hwy, Telecom Nagar, Gachibowli, Hyderabad, Telangana 500032

Hours: Open ⋅ Closes 12 am

Phone: 093965 00786

Pista House Gachibowli DLF

Address: Plot no-20, Housing Board Colony Gate, Street Number 2, opposite DLF BUILDING, APHB Colony, Indira Nagar, Gachibowli, Hyderabad, Telangana 500032

Hours: Open ⋅ Closes 3 am

Phone: 087125 09950

Price per person: ₹200–400

Must-Try Dishes and Desserts at Pista House

Pista House Gachibowli
Pista House Gachibowli
  1. Haleem – Renowned for its rich, creamy texture and authentic Hyderabadi flavor, especially popular during Ramadan.
  2. Chicken Biryani – A customer favorite due to its aromatic spices and tender chicken pieces.
  3. Mutton Biryani – Praised for its perfectly cooked mutton and flavorful rice.
  4. Chicken 65 – A spicy, deep-fried chicken appetizer that is highly recommended.
  5. Tandoori Chicken – Perfectly grilled, delivering a smoky and savory flavor.

6) Paneer Butter Masala – A creamy, rich curry featuring tender paneer cubes.

7) Apollo Fish – A tangy and spicy fish appetizer that customers love.

Famous Cakes:

  1. Black Forest Cake – Timeless favorite featuring layers of chocolate cake, whipped cream, and cherries.
  2. Butterscotch Cake – Loved for its rich, buttery flavor and crunchy caramel pieces.
  3. Chocolate Truffle Cake – A decadent choice with layers of rich chocolate ganache.
  4. Red Velvet Cake – Praised for its moist texture and creamy frosting.

Famous Sweets:

  1. Double Ka Meetha – A traditional Hyderabadi bread pudding that is a must-try.
  2. Qubani Ka Meetha – A delectable dessert made from dried apricots, often enjoyed with cream or ice cream.
  3. Gulab Jamun – Soft, syrup-soaked dumplings that are a favorite among sweet lovers.
  4. Baklava – A rich and sweet pastry consisting of layers of filo dough, filled with chopped nuts, and sweetened with syrup or honey.

These dishes, cakes, and sweets have consistently received high praise for their authentic taste and quality, making Pista House Gachibowli a popular dining and dessert destination according to Google, customer reviews, and feedback from platforms like Zomato and Swiggy.

Customer Reviews on Pista House Gachibowli

“We have come and seated on the ground floor before as well but today the service was excellent! Chandan served us with a smile and was always aware of what was needed and when. The food, the atmosphere and the service were fabulous!! One of the best visits today.” …Sana

Visited the this Pista house location near biodiversity fly over on a Friday evening during the Ramadan month to have the taste of their world famous Mutton Haleem and it did not disappoint. Taste is super yummy and it melts in the mouth .There is a big crowd and parking is a bit of hassle. They have drinks counter , tea counter and shawarma counter as well. – Satish Addanki

“Their Chicken 65 and Apollo Fish are delicious appetizers. The service is quick, and the ambiance is welcoming. Highly recommended!” – Priya R.

Zomato Reviews:

“Pista House Gachibowli never disappoints. The Chicken Biryani and Paneer Butter Masala are my favorites. The food quality and taste are consistently excellent.” – Anand M.

“Best haleem in Hyderabad! The Double Ka Meetha is also a must-try. The restaurant maintains high hygiene standards, which is a big plus.” – Sneha T.

“Had an amazing experience dining here. The Tandoori Chicken was grilled to perfection, and the desserts were delightful. Excellent spot for family meals.” – Vikram J.

Swiggy Reviews:

“Ordered the Mutton Biryani and Butterscotch Cake for home delivery. The food was delivered hot and fresh, and it tasted amazing.  Pista House is my top choice for Hyderabadi cuisine.” – Neha P.

” My favorites from Pista House are the Chicken 65 and Gulab Jamun. The delivery is always prompt, and the food is well-packaged. Great value for money!” – Rahul D.

“Consistently delicious food. The haleem during Ramadan is a treat. Delivery is quick, and the quality is always top-notch.” – Kavita R.


Customers consistently praise Pista House Gachibowli for its authentic Hyderabadi cuisine, especially the haleem, biryanis, and desserts. The restaurant is appreciated for its flavorful dishes, generous portions, and high hygiene standards. Whether dining in or ordering delivery, patrons value the consistent quality and delightful taste of the food.

Hygiene and Cleanliness Criteria

Cleanliness is paramount at Pista House. The restaurant maintains strict standards for a safe dining environment. Daily sanitization targets high-touch areas in dining spaces, kitchens, and restrooms. Staff rigorously follow hygiene protocols, regularly washing hands and using personal protective gear. The kitchen is meticulously cleaned after each use, with separate areas for raw and cooked foods. Pista House is committed to ensuring both cleanliness and food safety, aiming to provide an enjoyable dining experience for all customers.


Pista House is more than a dining establishment; it’s a celebration of authentic Hyderabadi cuisine. With a commitment to quality, hygiene, and exceptional service, we offer a delightful culinary experience that keeps our customers coming back for more. Whether you’re enjoying our renowned haleem, biryanis, or sweets, every visit to Pista House promises a taste of tradition and excellence. Join us and discover why Pista House is a cherished favorite among food enthusiasts.

Pista House Photos

Explore the vibrant ambiance and delectable dishes of Pista House through our photos. Each image highlights the essence of our authentic Hyderabadi cuisine, featuring our famous haleem, biryanis, and delightful sweets. Discover the inviting atmosphere and see why Pista House is a cherished culinary destination.

Pista House Photos

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